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· Virtual PBX as a service
· for IP phones and
· POTS phones/mobiles
· Up to 2 voice channels
· No monthly fees
· More features such as fax,
· queues, digital receptionists,
· callback, follow me,
· fixed mobile convergence
· Unlimited extensions
· Dedicated IP
· Billing
· Unlimited minutes
· Choose server location
· Free 14-day trial
About i-p-tel

Our mission is to facilitate communication via the development of new-age Apps and their integration with relevant web-based platforms, to provide end users with access to value added services.
Voice over IP not only cuts phone bills but offers more features than the PSTN as well. For an advanced telephony experience i-p-tel has developed a number of features that go far beyond basic call. These services are easy to use and they are hosted on i-p-tel's redundant SaaS network, alleviating the need for organizations to manage their own costly software and resources.


The foundations of i-p-tel were laid in 1986 when Pascal Merle, already a multiple winner of the German award for youth research, set up the company "PAM Software". At that time, the company dealt in the production of network cards and operating systems for the legendary ATARI computers. The name of the company was changed to i-p-tel GmbH in 2001.

Other milestones are:

Development of dialin servers for ISDN lines

Implementation of our own H.323-stack

Since then, i-p-tel has been one of the pioneers in the field of telephone-to-telephone communications over IP

CeBIT 1998:
Rollout of "Portline" gateways

CeBIT 2001:
Rollout of "Callrunner" CPE gateways

Development of virtual PBX

Development of Android App "Sipdroid"

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